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Hair Care Shampoo

Get shiny and bouncy healthy hair with our exclusive collection of Hair Care Shampoo. Enriched with fibrous protein and vegetable oil, the offered range of shampoo acts as effective remedy for stressed and damaged hair by preventing moisture loss of hair strands. Besides conditioning hair, this shampoo strengthens root of hair strands for promoting thickness of tresses. The soothing elements of our hair care product minimize dandruff. The unique conditioning properties of our Hair Care Shampoo protect hair against various damaging environmental factors like pollution and makes hair manageable. Apart from promoting hair growth by reducing hair fall, the application of this shampoo keeps hair tangle free.


  • The offered shampoo contains natural ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil and keratin.
  • The special content of this shampoo strengthens hair strands, minimizes hair fall and restores damaged hair.
  • Free from toxic elements
  • Nice and soothing aroma