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Food Products

Edible Oils are vegetable oils that are derived from seeds, flowers and fruit pulp of different plants via extraction method. Low in saturated fat, these monounsaturated fat enriched cooking oils are effective in promoting brain function and in increasing metabolic activities of human body. The beta sterol present in these oils maintains healthy condition of heart by normalizing blood pressure. Vitamin K and E found in Edible Oils keep skin wrinkle protected, promotes generation of new skin cells and preserves elasticity level of skin. Beta carotene of these vegetable oils is instrumental in boosting energy level and in balancing hormonal activities of body.

  • The saturated fat present in these oils tend to break down easily during metabolic function.
  • The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats of these oils improve energy level of body.
  • These oils protect skin against wrinkles and free radicals.
  • Distinctive smell and taste
Organic Cereals include wheat, corn, oats, sorghum and millet and all these cereals are procured from the edible parts of fruit seeds of different plants. As par studies, the inclusion of cereals in daily diet helps to improve immunity power and can minimize the chance of cancer. The high fiber content of these grains is beneficial for balancing body weight and in reducing blood cholesterol level. The phytosterols content of Organic Cereals are effective in promoting production of estrogen hormone and in avoiding colon cancer. Apart from acting as huge sources of vitamins and proteins, cereals are beneficial for persons suffering from constipation.

  • The offered range of cereals is hygienically processed to maintain their nutrients.
  • Fiber present in cereals is effective in balancing blood sugar level.
  • Serve as suitable breakfast option
  • Good to taste
As a staple food option, White Rice is considered as the huge reservoir of fiber, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and proteins. High in glycemic index, the white version of rice tends to transform into glucose faster than brown rice immediately after its consumption. This rice is preferred over its brown counterpart for its longer storage life and higher zinc content. Free from gluten, White Rice is easy to digest and its high carbohydrate content keeps one full for longer period. Long grain size, ease of boiling, distinctive aroma, good taste and cost effectiveness are the key attributes of this food grain.


  • The offered food crop can be accessed in basmati and non-basmati versions.
  • This grain is especially beneficial for obese and gluten intolerant persons.
  • Enriched with vitamins, carbohydrate, fiber and protein
  • Nice smell
Besides enhancing flavor, our wide array of Spices Seeds is used for improving texture of food. Apart from their culinary application, these seeds are known for their numerous health benefits. The high antimicrobial attributes of these spices help to maintain freshness of food. Besides regulating blood pressure level, these spices are instrumental in improving digestive functions and in enhancing blood cholesterol level. Moreover, these seeds are effective in promoting weight loss. Several of these Spices Seeds possesses anti inflammatory properties. Free from impurities like dust, stone particles and other foreign matters, these seeds are processed under hygienic condition without affecting their nutrients.


  • The provided seeds are appreciated for their high therapeutic value.
  • These have anti inflammatory and anti microbial attributes.
  • Pure content
  • Their aroma remains intact even after longer period.
Our wide assortment of Natural Spices is basically the processed form of leaves, roots, stems, seeds and dried fruits of different plants. Available in seed, powder and hole spice forms, these have key role in improving color, texture and taste of a number of delectable items. As far as their health benefits are concerned, it can be said that, these spices have vital role in regulating blood pressure level, in maintaining healthy condition of heart, in boosting nervous function and in keeping salubrious condition of different organs of human body. These Natural Spices can be accessed in different packaging options at competitive price range.

  • These spices are the grinded and dried forms of root, leaves, fruit and leaves.
  • These are instrumental in enhancing flavor and look of food.
  • Spices are also added in edible items for preservation purpose.
  • Distinctive pleasant smell