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Body Wash

Rejuvenate your body with our collection of specially formulated Body Wash. Painstakingly prepared by using natural extracts of argan fruit, macadamia nut and seeds of shea, this personal care item provides you healthy and glowing skin. The combined presence of high moisture based content and exfoliating factor of this body washing item effectively removes dead skin cells and free radicals that clog skin pores in order to generate new skin cells. The vitamin E content of this Body Wash reduces fine lines and hydrates skin. Suitable for all skin types, the soothing aroma of this bathing item deserves special mention.

  • The offered bathing product is meant for nourishing oily, dry and normal skin.
  • It contains fruits and seeds extracts with huge skin beneficial properties.
  • Keeps skin free from dead cells
  • Good exfoliation properties