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Body Lotion

Formulated by using skin nourishing elements like extracts of Shea seeds, argan fruit and macadamia nut, the offered range of Body Lotion is the excellent option to get soft, supple and flawless glowing skin. High in vitamin E, A and F, this moisturizing lotion safeguards skin against UV rays to prevent emergence of free radicals. The nutritional elements present in this body care product promote collagen production to maintain elasticity of skin. Oleic acid present in this skin care item is effective in generation of new cells. The anti inflammatory properties of the offered Body Lotion help to soothe damaged skin by penetrating deep inside the epidermis level.

  • The provided lotion is the cost effective option to experience numerous skin benefits of natural extracts of macadamia nut, argan fruit and shea seeds.
  • The soothing aroma of this lotion rejuvenates mind and body as well.
  • High penetration properties
  • Exceptional anti inflammatory attributes